New Band Of The Day #70: Astral Skulls

astral skulls

New single ‘What We Lost’ out now.

Who: Kurt Eckardt and Kalindy Williams.

What: No wave/post-punk (FFO: Suicide, NEU!)

Where: Melbourne, Australia.

Why: So today I was wandering around Reddit. Which is my wont. There I came across no wave/post-punk duo Astral Skulls and their astoundingly sad and beautiful track/video for ‘What We Lost’.

I’m not sure how to verbalise the impact the video and song had on me. It’s a drum machine, fuzzy guitar, and some nice interplay between a male and female voice. Lyrically it focuses on memory, missed opportunities, and regrets: “We’ve waited for so long / We’ve forgotten what we want / We’ve waited for so long / We’ve forgotten what got us here / We’ve waited here so long / We’ve forgotten what we lost.”

The video complements this sentiment with numerous people relaying the mistakes and regrets of their lives through the medium of subtitles. I found the combination transfixing. There’s something so odd and mesmerising about watching complete strangers lay themselves bare before you. It’s also wonderfully unifying. It’s remarkable that I can, in Ireland, feel an affinity with this no wave/post-punk duo and the Australians that make up the video for ‘What We Lost’. But there you have it. That’s the truth.

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