New Band Of The Day #71: i.e. crazy

i.e. crazy

Debut album Non Compos Mentis is out now via Muzai Records.

Who: Maggie Magee.

What: Post-punk (FFO: The Birthday Party, Lydia Lunch, The Slits)

Where: Auckland, New Zealand.

Why: i.e. crazy (aka Maggie Magee) creates a wonderfully neurotic and idiosyncratic brand of post-punk. It bangs and clanks with industrial weirdness and off kilter melodies, but also presents delicately beautiful touches and flourishes that enable the music to walk that tight rope between discordant and melodic.

All this is abundantly clear on ‘An Incident On The Edge Of Town’, which appears on i.e. crazy’s debut LP Non Compos Mentis. A tight rhythm and melody is countered by feedback drenched guitars and Magee’s very particular vocal cadence. All in all, it is enough of a challenge to be interesting without being inaccessible. We’re in.

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