New Band Of The Day #73: Josin

Debut release Epilogue EP will be released on vinyl and digital June 2nd via Swedish independent label Dumont Dumont.

Who: Arabella Rauch.

What: Electronica/experimental rock (FFO: Post-Kid A Radiohead, Bjork)

Where: Germany.

Why: Rhythmic and emotive, the latest track from German producer/composer Josin is truly enveloping. Crafting a sound that is both intense and seductive, ‘Feral Thing’ swirls and sways through its five minute running time. Building with consideration and an adept subtleness, the song flowers into a melancholic and, frankly, beautiful piece of steadily expanding delicateness.

The video for ‘Freal Thing’ (streaming below) is equally mesmerising. Shot in the absolutely beautiful Julian Alps in Slovenia, it was directed by Josin and Marc Neckermann, cameraman and drone pilot. “It has never been my plan to dance in front of a camera for one of my songs, but somehow this idea got its own way,” explains Josin. “Most of the movements were something I did spontaneously. Climbing was something I had already thought of while creating the concept, but the actual scenery in the canyon was so tempting it became real climbing – still I wanted everything look a bit strange, uncomfortable, restless, but also contemplative.”

Taken from Josin’s upcoming debut EP Epilogue, the song suggests that rather than an epilogue, this is only the prologue to Josin’s story.

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