New Band Of The Day #75: Pool Art

pool art

New EP Chamber Piece is out in June.

Who: Drums – Lee Corfield, Guitar, Vocal – Scott Fair.

What: Noise rock/post punk (FFO: Girl Band, IDLES, Preoccupations.)

Where: Manchester, UK.

Why: Taking an austere and rhythmic approach to their instruments and songwriting, Manchester duo Pool Art are doing that most difficult of things. They’re creating guitar music that actually sounds new and fresh in 2017.

New single ‘Died Off Screen’ sets the tone with a lone bass drum and echoing, angular shrieks of guitar. Next Scott Fair’s demented lullaby vocals creep out from under the angular rhythm before a temporary descent into noisy feedback. So far, so Girl Band. However, unlike their sonic brothers from across the Irish Sea, Pool Art take the opportunity to stride headlong into a near dance beat replete with funky guitar. Well, as funky as an echoing post-punk inflected riff can get.

Despite the title, ‘Misery Porn’, which will also appear on upcoming EP Chamber Piece, is a more anthemic offering. Again possessing a focus on rhythm, the track features a fuzzed up and echoing main riff and surprisingly pop influenced vocals. Descending into a trance-inducing break, the track eventually coheres together into a more straightforward and infectious stomp before veering off again into no man’s land.


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