New Band Of The Day #77: Mercyfox

New single ‘Bleed’ is out now. Debut EP out later this year.

Who: Two Danish people.

What: Dance punk (FFO: Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Franz Ferdinand.)

Where: Copenhagen, Denmark.

Why: Their music is danceable and their music videos are unnerving.

So here it is. Fuzzy guitars and thumping bass lines. That is what is on offer from Danish dance punks Mercyfox. Their latest track ‘Bleed’ seems to be a celebration of pain: “We bleed / Life is good.” There’s certainly something cathartic and celebratory about their cacophonous din. This is pure 3am, drunken hijinks music. It represents a time when everything seems possible. Before the inevitable slamming hangover.

“We were thinking about the world’s fascination with the selfie culture – and that it would be amazing if the Kardashians, Jenners and Trumps of the world would post pictures of themselves while puking up blood, “says Mercyfox. “Something different and unexpected. We’d love that.”

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