New Band Of The Day #79: Aura Bora

Aura Bora

New album Was out now.

Who: Jhune Liwanag (Guitar/Vocals), Joey Green (Drums), Will Adair (Bass/Vocals), and Caleb Hartsfield (Guitar).

What: Lo-fi pop punk (FFO: The Spook School, Martha, Allo Darlin)

Where: Honolulu, Hawaii.

Why: This is one is a bit gutting because Aura Bora have in fact broken up. That’s no reason not to give the lo-fi fuzzy pop punk of their debut album Was a spin though.

Their vibe is sometimes sweet and sunny and sometimes ever so slightly rough and ready. Lo-fi buzz saw guitars playing major chords butt up against half punky / half old school pop drums, and a combination of Jhune Liwanag’s lilting vocals and Will Adair’s more drunken / semi out of tune wail.

The result is a sound that is a perfect middle-ground between lulling and lilting, and aggressive and raw. It’s a pretty unhinged smash of lo-fi glory. And, as you should know, we love a dichotomy here at Overblown.

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