New Band Of The Day #80: Less Art

less art

Debut album Strangled Light out July 28 via Gilead Media.

Who: Mike Minnick – vocals, Jon Howell – guitar, Ed Breckenridge – guitar, Ian Miller – bass, Riley Breckenridge – drums.

What: Post hardcore (FFO: METZ, At The Drive-In, Quicksand.)

Where: CA/IL, USA.

Why: These post hardcore lads are a bit of a supergroup featuring members of Thrice, Kowloon Walled City and Curl Up and Die. Having said that, they are doing their own thing here. Marrying math influenced riffs, gritty production, and a melodic aggression, their latest track ‘Pessimism As Denial’ is a tense and dynamic offering that both bludgeons and hooks the listener. A carrot and stick approach.

There is no quarter shown in the lyrics though as Mike Minnick rails against the dichotomies and contradictions of humanity: “While the armchair activists and contrary fanatics / Fight over who cares more about caring less / And some say, a peaceful protest / Is nothing but a white flag / While others claim they aren’t racist / Say it’s just the way they were raised / And they carry on and on this way / While we all remain enraged / And nothing fucking changes.”

It’s the first track to be taken from their upcoming debut album Strangled Light which is out on July 28 via Gilead Media. This is a suitable label for the album to see release as, judging by ‘Pessimism As Denial’, the album may have a dystopian and political bent. Gilead is the name of the oppressive nation in Margaret Atwood’s classic dystopian novel The Handmaid’s Tale.

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