New Band Of The Day #82: Crcdl Shrs (Crocodile Shears)

crcdl shrs

This be their debut single. I think.

Who: John Wlay (guitar, bass, vocals) and Alex Cohen (Drums).

What: Avant garde metal (FFO: Tombs, Necrosis, King Crimson)

Where: Unknown. Mysterious buggers. America at any rate.

Why: This is an unholy amalgamation of blast beats, avant garde noise, proggy time signature changes, haunting mournful vocals, and a bloody barrel load of chugging. It truly is the most frantic, chaotic, subversive mixture of aspects of black metal, thrash metal, and doom metal that I’ve ever heard.

Apparently, the band is a duo and, “they set out to make the heaviest speed metal / doom metal crossover music they could. John Wlay sings in a deep growl mixed with a Gregorian chants. This song is about invocations and the coming of the creature.” Ominous.

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