New Band Of The Day #83: Foster Parents

foster parents

New album Grim out now via Qiii Snacks Records.

Who: Gregor and Jon.

What: Instrumental math rock (FFO: American Football (sans vocals), This Town Needs Guns (sans vocals))

Where: Shanghai, China.

Why: Intricate and hopeful but with a tinge of melancholia, Shanghai instrumental math/emo duo Foster Parents create a rather soothing and beautiful ruckus on their debut album Grim. The title must really be ironic as these lads are anything but bleak. Interspersed with reflective inteludes, the album swings and sways through passages of clean and crisp beauty.

The first highlight is ‘Colours Casted’ with it’s circular riffs and periods of angular tension. Underneath the musicianship is a deft adherance to creating music that is inviting and accessible. This is certianly not music that shows off for the sake of showing off.

Another standout is ‘Land of Wind and Ghosts’ as it gently progresses from a simple ascending riff to include fiddly but driving drums, some spoken word recordings, and touches of post rock grandeur. Have a go.

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