New Band Of The Day #85: tunic

Photo by Adam Kelly.

New EP Boss out independently on July 21st.

Who: Rory Ellis – bass, Sam Neal – drums, and David Schellenberg – vocals, guitar.

What: Noise punk (FFO: Girl Band, METZ, The Jesus Lizard)

Where: Winnipeg, Canada.

Why: This coarse and violent noise punk from Canadian trio tunic is the business. Combining feedback drenched, angular guitar fuzz with driving bass and propulsive but obtuse drum work,’Boss’ thunders through its just over three minute running time with complete disregard for things like restraint and tenderness. On top of this is the fiery and impassioned vocal work of David Schellenberg. His repeated shouts of “Don’t you wanna be the boss? Don’t you wanna be in control?” make it seem like he is facing down all the doubt, insecurity, and self loathing he has experienced in his entire life.

The track is the latest from the group and follows perfectly on from the confrontational and pummeling ‘Eye Contact’.

Pre-order the boss 7″ here.

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