New Band Of The Day #86: Charmpit


New EP Jelly out on July 14th via Keroleen Records.

Who: Bass ~*~ Anne Marie, Guitar ~*~ Rhianydd, Drums ~*~ Alex.

What: Lo-fi pop punk (FFO: The Lemonheads, Martha, The Spook School)

Where: London, England.

Why: It has been a bit raucous in our ‘New Band of The Day’ series recently, and so we are taking a little respite with the wonderful lo-fi pop punk of London trio Charmpit. Sporting a knack for a melody that would make Evan Dando insanely jealous, and the kind of every day, kitchen sink lyrics that make my heart melt, the band have an over abundance of charm (pun intended) and tunes.

‘Free The Burbs’ is their latest and first to be released from upcoming EP Jelly. It’s a gem of a track that seems to bemoan the confinement of the suburbs while jamming out a jangly, deceptively catchy pop punk number. Check out the equally endearing video below.

Pre-order Jelly here.

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