New Band Of The Day #87: Idan Altman

idan altman
Photo by Grant Price

Who: Idan Altman! Record producer by day, music experimentalist by night.

What: Ambient folk (FFO: King Creosote, Sufjan Stevens, Pink Floyd)

Where: Berlin, Germany.

Why: This one from Berlin musician/record producer Idan Altman is a slow burner. Beginning with the hustle and bustle of a field recording of the streets of Berlin, the track slowly expands like a slow blooming flower to include gentle piano, a simply plucked guitar, Altman’s Roger Waters-esque croon, and a string orchestra.

It’s a beautiful piece that manages to harness the soothing aspects of the most wonderful ambient music ala Stars of the Lid and marry that to the directness of great folk music that gently nestles itself into your concsiousness. It’s a song that is dripping with regret and hope. And, as you know, a dichotomy really gets us going here at Overblown.

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