New Band Of The Day #89: The Magnapinna

The Magnapinna

New two track release ‘Hashtag’ out this autumn.

Who: Members: Edmund Blunden – Drums / Vox, Christian Carley – Keys / Noise / Vox, Daniel Howard – Guitar / Vox, Michael Jordan – Bass / Vox
Contributors: Alexander Hayes – Guitar, James Grannell – Guitar / Vox.

What: Alternative Rock (FFO: Faith No More, Melvins, Kyuss)

Where: Cork, Ireland.

Why: The Magnapinna, along with the likes of Bitch Falcon, Ealadha, and Robocobra Quartet, are one of the pre-eminent rock bands in Ireland today. In my humble opinion that is. I’ll tell you why. In their misty stew, they combine the sludgy riffs of The Melvins, the tongue in cheek humour of Faith No More and Mike Patton, along with a knack for a hook that makes the ridiculous infectious.

Essentially, the quintet create a noise that is fun without being silly, and heavy as balls without being oppressive. It’s a style that harks back to when alternative music actually was willing to utilise playfulness and a sense of humour. Plus, a person commented on their ‘Charm Offensive’ video on YouTube to say, and I quote, “This was so fucking bad I’m going to join ISIS.” A ringing endorsement in my book.

On top of this, ‘Koi No Jellyfish’ is a bone fide gem. All you need to do is check the lyrics: “Watashi wa kurage gozen (私はクラゲ午前), Watashi wa “Say Hey” (わたし わ SAY HEY), Watashi wa kurage gozen (私はクラゲ午前), Watashi wa “Say Hey” (わたし わ SAY HEY), Sore wa hontōni subarashīdesu (それは本当に素晴らしいです), Sore wa hontōni subarashīdesu ne? (それは本当に素晴らしいですね?), Sore wa chō oishīdesuga, misoshiru de sore o tameshite mite kudasai (それは超おいしいですが、味噌汁でそれを試してみてください)”. Enough said.

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