New Band Of The Day #90: nhomme


Debut single ‘鬱糸’ is out now.

Who: Bass/Vocals: キクチ, Guitar: スガワラ, and Drums: アベ.

What: Emo/math rock (FFO: Something between At The Drive-In and American Football)

Where: Tokyo, Japan.

Why: It is the juxtapositions I enjoy here. Starting off with a somewhat intricate riff reminiscent in the vein of all those instrumental emo/math rock groups, nhomme’s debut track ‘鬱糸’ (that means ‘Declination’ FYI) quickly adds a fuzzily thunderous bass which leisurely but pensively winds around the guitar and taut drumming until literally exploding into a frenzied and lo-fi punk blast replete with vocals veering from wails to screams.

It’s a cathartic blast that manages to find loads of space for melody and chaos. It’s pretty raw, but these kids are onto something here. Something disturbing and beautiful.

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