New Band Of The Day #91: Melt Downer

melt downer

Self titled debut album out now via Numavi Records.

Who: Wolfgang Möstl, Mario Zangl and Florian Giessauf.

What: Alternative rock/noise rock (FFO: Mudhoney, Girl Band, METZ)

Where: Vienna, Austria.

Why: Imagine for a moment that a trio of Austrian’s took the angular and imposing noise inflections of a band like say Girl Band and added a more direct and propulsive approach to rhythm akin to METZ. Does that sound like a good idea? Thought so. Also, you don’t have to imagine any longer as that band exists! And they’re called Melt Downer.

‘Mutter’, streaming below, is a good example. Taking fuzzy, dirty Mudhoney-esque riffs, the track veers off into an angular and shouty verse before employing skips full of feedback for the chorus. This then descends into a surprising calmness that builds into another section of thunder that seems to cut off abruptly. Good craic.

Then there’s ‘RAVE’ with it’s vaguely country-ish intro that quickly explodes into a pretty damn catchy march to fuzz. Ranting ensues which is underpinned by the thickest bass sound this side of a Bavarian farting contest. Extra points for the stream of consciousness section at the midway point. Kudos.

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