New Band Of The Day #93: Lots Holloway

lots holloway

Who: Lots Holloway

What: Alternative pop (FFO: Foxes, Wolf Alice)

Where: London, UK

Why: Offering up worldly lyrics and interesting textures, Lots Holloway is a singer songwriter whose aim is to make people think. From her first single ‘World On Fire’ she was discussing the big topics, the track making a statement on what society looks like today. She explained: “I wrote it back in the summer of 2016 when a lot of strange and sad things were happening. Brexit, the Orlando shooting, the Bastille Day attack, the US presidential battle, the refugee crisis and the on going war in Syria, to name just a few.”

Not only about the lyrics, Lots’s grasp on melody writing shines through on each track she’s released, ensuring she captures peoples’ attention from the start. Second single ‘Stay A Little Longer’ is more warped than her debut release, but the trappings of a big pop chorus are still there, albeit a little more understated, and with a debut album on the horizon, seeing Lots’ musical direction unfold in real time through her single releases is just the tip of the iceberg.

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