New Band Of The Day #94: Spotlights


New album Seismic is out October 6th via Ipecac Recordings.

Who: Sarah Quintero – Bass/Guitar/Vocals, Mario Quintero – Guitar/Synths/Vocals, and Chris Enriquez – Drums.

What: Self labeled as dream sludge. (FFO: Deftones, Nothing, metalgaze)

Where: Brooklyn, NY

Why: Over the last couple of years, Spotlights have supported Deftones, Melvins, and released their debut album Tidals, an overpowering combination of sludgy metal riffs and shoegaze melodies. They’ve now signed to Ipecac Recordings and have gotten Aaron Harris (ISIS) on board as their manager. Not too shabby, huh?

After one listen to ‘Learn to Breathe’, the first track to be released from their upcoming second album Seismic, it is clear as to why they are lauded and supported by such popular and influential musicians from the metal scene. A pristeenly produced track, it combines the thunderous pummel of Deftones or ISIS at their most direct. At the same time there is a deft consideration of melodicism in the vocals throughout. It is also a song brimming with ideas as it veers into passages of restrained tension and chugging fury all within its five minute running time.

If this is any indication, the remainder of the album will be an arresting combination of light and dark. A perfect dichotomy.

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