New Band Of The Day #95: Lindenwood


New album Steady Lives is out now.

Who: Jason Marquez – Guitars/Vocals, Tani Cariño – Guitars/Vocals, Just Tan – Bass, and JR Jabla – Drums.

What: Emo / post hardcore. (FFO: Fucked Up, Touché Amoré, Sorority Noise)

Where: Philippines

Why: Philippines based quartet Lindenwood have an interesting aesthetic on the go. Combining the shouty melody of Canadian hardcore heroes Fucked Up with the energy and pop sensibilites of emo groups like Sorority Noise, the group craft an aggressive, emotional, and damn catchy form of emo tinged post hardcore.

The group originally formed after the demise of pop punk band Import the World. Singer and rhythm guitarist Jason Marquez together with lead guitarist Tani Cariño aimed to move away from the pop punk aesthetic in favour of crafting something more adult and suitable for them on a personal level. Thus Lindenwood was born.

The title track from the new record, streaming below, is a definite highlight. Check it out.

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