New Band Of The Day 99: Generation


Debut 4-track EP Who Loves This Generation out now via Spirit of Punk Records.

Who: Brothers James and Dean Carne on guitar and vocals, Nathan Sanderson on drums and Tom Collins on bass

What: Proto-punk they say. Glam punk I say (FFO: Slaves, The New York Dolls, The Stooges).

Where: Liverpool, England

Why: The Scouse folk never take anything lying down. So it only makes sense that Liverpudlian quartet Generation sound like they don’t take any guff either. Combining proto-punk influenced riffage with a keen sense of modern melody, bags of energy, and a glam influenced sense of style, the group are a formidable force.

They’ve just released an EP titled Who Loves This Generation via Spirit of Punk Records. It is a snotty and confident blast of corrosive and cathartic punk that demands repeated listens with its barrage of off kilter meleodies.

Apparently their live show, after gigs with IDLES and Slaves, is also a bit sweaty and chaotic. Which is, coincidentlly, just the way we like our gigs here at Overblown.

You can catch them on these upcoming dates.

August 19th – Sheffield – West St
September 28th – London – Good Kama
September 30th – Liverpool – Magnet

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