New Band of the Day #138: Bisch Nadar

bisch nadar

New self-titled out now via Society of Losers.

Who: A Rathbone – Guitar/Vox, G Yelding – Bass/Shouts, and A Finney – Drums/Backing Vox.

What: Math-rock/alt-rock.

Where: Liverpool/London, UK.

Why: You know, sometimes math rock can be a little clean and tidy and precise. This trio, Bisch Nadar, take a far more rambunctious and raw approach to the genre. That’s because there’s also a healthy dose of alternative rock and noise included in their driven and direct sound. Playful and pummeling is how we’d describe it.

That playfulness is exemplified by their video for recent single ‘Oscar’ which includes the kind of ironic humour that made the 90s a fun time to be alive. There’s light in the darkness.

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