New Band of the Day #130: Just Neighbors

just nieghbors

New album Being Where I Thought I’d Be out now.

Who: Dan Lohr – Guitars, Vocals, Justice Diamond – Guitars, Vocals, Jarrett Haines – Bass, Keys and Reid Casey – Percussion.

What: Math/emo.

Where: Gainesville, Florida.

Why: Their album cover looks like a Norman Rockwell painting (sort of) and their music is fiddly. It is Just Neighbors!

Their brand of math rock is one drenched in cathartic emotion and a dash of emo. There’s a definite vibe of American Football here, but the overall effect is more upbeat and includes more passages of instrumental exploration. Whereas American Football stay close to the conventions of classic pop song structure, Just Neighbors veer off into post-rock territory.

For a prime example, check out ‘Disconnect’ below. Proceeding at a mid-tempo groove, the track takes its time to develop and explore the nooks and crannies of its nuanced arrangement. Here the vocals are another instrument rather than the central focus. It makes for a hypnotic and emotional journey that is warm, lush, and vulnerable.

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