New Band of the Day #137: LEECHES


New EP WATUSI out now via Leisure Records.

Who: Ben Lowe (Guitar, vocals), Jack Pearce (bass guitar, vocals), and Ben Pearce (drums, vocals).

What: Alternative rock (Nirvana, Pixies, LoudQUIETloud).

Where: Bournemouth, UK.

Why: Who likes quiet verses and loud choruses? You? Me? Everyone! Let’s all do the loudQUIETloud. That’s how Bournemouth’s LEECHES roll. Borrowing heavily from 90s alternative rock, the trio barrel through songs of fuzz with tongue in cheek humour and authenticity.

‘Stranger’ with its simple riff and Big Muffy fuzz is my favourite from their most recent release, the WATUSI EP. Also, I think that ‘watusi’ is a dance. In fact, I think that Batman used to do the ‘Batusi’. Check that out while blowing your ears out. Maybe pretend he is dancing to ‘Stranger’. Anyway, enjoy yourselves.


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