New Band of the Day #139: Narrow Head

Narrow Head

New single ‘Bulma’ out now.

Who: Jacob, Carson, and Ryan

What: Alternative rock/shoegaze.

Where: Houston, Texas.

Why: This is news to me, but according to Urban Dictionary Bulma is: “The hottest female from Dragon Ball. Has beautiful eyes and knows how to work machines.” Good to know. I think I’m a bit old for all that jazz. Think I missed the boat. At any rate, the track has that wonderful 90s mixture of alternative rock and shoegaze that keeps me sizzling under the collar. Think Smashing Pumpkins but less whiny.

Still though, there’s that wonderfully soaring vibe that Billy Corgan was so good at before he disappeared into Alex Jones’ ether. Narrow Head will have a full length coming out this year after an extensive tour. Here’s to hoping it’s as good as ‘Bulma’.

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