New Horror – ‘Mirror’ (Overblown Track Premiere)

new horror mirror

New Album Fruitless Search  Out August 27th On Cassette/Digital Via Soft Verse.

On the over ten minute second single from their new album Fruitless Search, Northern trio New Horror don’t pull any punches. ‘Mirror’ is an intriguing track. It is expansive and an ambitiously brooding affair, drawing on elements of noise rock, shoegaze, and, primarily, post punk during its running time. However, to counterbalance this lofty amalgamation, the track is also fairly lo-fi and rough around the edges. “We didn’t want it to be a super clean record,” said the band. “It had to sound like it was being played from a broken speaker in a supermarket”.

The result is a track that is an agonising crawl of reverb drenched fuzzed up guitars, industrial drum machines and haggard synths tied together by the dwam-like vocals of Lewis Thompson. The dirge slowly ploughs its way into the subconscious with its swirling melodies and cacophonous roar.

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