New Music: Bear Worship – ‘Art in the Artifice’

bear worship

New album WAS out June 15th.

It was Arthur Symons who said that all art is artifice. He wrote primarily about romantic love, loss, and the passage of time so perhaps it is not surprise that he was a bit cynical. ‘Art in the Artifice’ is also the name of the latest track to be released by Bear Worship. The one man project of a chap called Carl, Bear Worship “is a celebration. It’s about positivity and realism, love and friends, passion and nostalgia, overcoming superstitions and bullshit mindsets.” So quite the opposite of Arthur Symons.

It is clearly evident on ‘Art in the Artifice’. It’s a song that is as playful as it is idiosyncratic and hooky. A glorious and euphoric number, there is definitely an underlying melancholia too. Although that could just be my mindset. I see melancholia everywhere to be honest.

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