New Music: Bitch Falcon – ‘Syncope’ (Music Video)

Catch Bitch Falcon supporting Girl Band in Garbo’s, Castlebar on 7th April.

This is it. Our absolute, 100% favourite track from Dublin alternative rock trio Bitch Falcon. This is primarily for two reasons. The aggressive grunting of Lizzie Fitzpatrick during the chorus is the first reason. Truly one of the most inspired hooks we’ve heard in recent years, it has helped the track has become a highlight of their exuberant live shows over recent years. The other thing we love about it is the noise/avant garde inspired solo that squeals and squirms its way through the riotous climax perpetuated by Nigel Kenny’s stupidly loud drumming and Naomi Macleod’s cavernous bass lines.

On top of this, the video for the track is great craic. Following four young ladies who are “under age, over sexed, and won’t take no for an answer” who head out to take over the streets of Dublin. However, they don’t account for a little dog they meet on their travels.

Oh yeah, did you know that ‘syncope’ is the technical word for fainting? Neither did we.

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