New Music: BNNY RBBT – ‘If I Were Human’

bnny rbbt

Macedonian experimental rock outfit BNNY RBBT is one of our favourite discoveries of 2017. ‘If I Were Human’ is only the sixth song they have released, but they’ve already shown a knack for mixing melody and intrigue. It’s not like the music is totally off the wall or anything. In fact, it is rather catchy and melodious. The thing is that the music never drops its standards into lowest common denominator shite looking for instant results. Think Radiohead and Bjork but with a sunnier disposition. Quality stuff.

Plus there’s a little mystery going on here and Christmas bells on ‘If I Were Human’. What more could you want?

Have another new one from BNNY RBBT. It’s equally batshit. You won’t regret it.

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