New Music: Breakfast Muff – ‘Baby Boomers’

Glasgow’s Breakfast Muff have announced details of a new AA 7″ single on Amour Foo and shared the song ‘Baby Boomers’ from the forthcoming release which you can check out right here. The other side of the single features a song called R U A Feminist which has been a highlight of the band’s live sets for some time.

You may have read some ludicrously excitable live reviews for Breakfast Muff on these pages before but I’m eternally jealous if they’re new to you because that means you’ll soon get to experience them for the first time. Their live shows are enthralling, their songs range from the slightly ridiculous to the sublime all bundled up into a gloriously vicious punk rock racket. They play like every thrash of the guitar, slap of the bass, screech into the mic and smash of the drums matters more than anything else in the world which is entirely agreeable because when you’re watching them nothing else does seem to matter other than their glorious racket and their point of view.

On Baby Boomers they sound huge. The stop/start rhythm of the guitars sounds brutally ominous and are a perfect backdrop to the lyrics which don’t hold back. It’s angry music, it never fails to get it’s point across but it’s also brilliant fun. Go get the single in your life as soon as you can.

Breakfast Muff release the double AA side 7″ Baby Boomers // R U A Feminist on Amour Foo on 5th May. Get it ordered here

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