New Music: Caspar Leopard – ‘Expire Pt. I.’

Caspar Leonard

‘Expire Pt. I’ is out now.

I’ll tell you what I sometimes enjoy. Melancholia. I don’t think any of you who regularly read the site are in any way shocked. However, the thing is that sometimes this love of melancholia steps into a bit of neo-soul. That’s where Caspar Leopard comes in. Sporting a knack for combining layered and unusual musical soundscapes with simple song structures and direct vocals, he manages to create music that is both challenging and, simultaneously, accessible. Somewhat Chet Faker. Or whatever he calls himself now. It’s quality stuff at any rate.

On the track Caspar said, “I wrote Expire Pt. I during a dip on the wave through life. The song came quicker than most and captured a moment of reflection – not only at my own process but a snapshot of the world around me. Brexit looming, media shouting negative news in every direction, a huge wall of noise online. This song is about finding calm within this maelstrom and connecting to the simple things in life. It’s easy to forget what really matters when you’re frantically clawing your way up the ladder, striving for ‘success’.”

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