New Music: Cheap Perfume – ‘It’s Okay (To Punch Nazis)’

cheap perfume

The rise of the radical right in America is quite a worrying trend. I feel as if we had become lulled into a false sense of security in regards to Fascism and Nazis. As a people in the West, we felt we had defeated them in 1945 and they wouldn’t be back. However, after listening to a recent Joe Rogan podcast with Jordan Peterson and Bret Weinstein, I’ve come to accept that we must always be vigilant against the rise of Fascism and the rise of totalitarian attitudes on both sides of the aisle. It seems that this rise of the radical right and radical left is common after periods of prosperity and that it is cyclical in nature. So, if it’s okay to punch a Nazi, should we punch some Communists too?

It seems that Colorado based feminist punks Cheap Perfume are also more than wary of this rise of intolerance on the right. Their response? Punch a Nazi. Be prepared for some fuzzy punk that sounds akin to Kathleen Hanna fronting Mudhoney.

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