New Music: Cruiser Share Music Video For ‘Gram’


Self-titled debut album out now.

Between the independent music collective DIY LK and bands like Eraser TV, Slow Riot, and Casavettes, there’s quite a burgeoning and exciting music movement happening in Limerick in Ireland. The alternative rock outfit Cruiser are pretty central to that. Their self-titled debut album is a lo-fi mixture or raucous feedback energy and old-fashioned alternative rock melodies. They’ve recently released a video for the centrepiece of the album, ‘Gram’. Directed by Stephen Savage, the clip takes a trip through many touchstones of millenial youth via drone.

“This is our Gram Parsons tribute, “sing/guitarist with the group Ger Devine told us recently. “I had it partially written going back to 2014 but, like Parma, I’ve been terrified to record it just because I like it so much. Musically it’s us at our most shoegaze-y and at the end it morphs into a poem I wrote for my better half because I had no other clue how to finish it. I think Gram was really great at writing about love in a very honest and direct way which is something often lacking in indie rock music and definitely something I struggle with. The spoken word is my attempt to write some bullshit-free, from the gut romantic verse.”

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