New Music: Dilly Dally Share New Track ‘I Feel Free’

Dilly Dally

Upcoming album, Heaven, out September 14th via Partisan Records.

Canadian alt rock quartet Dilly Dally have shared the first single from their upcoming second album. Beginning with a more tender approach before veering into a more caustic yet melodic atmosphere, the track is a confident and confrontational return nearly three years after the release of their debut album Sore.

“This song is me asking my bandmates to let go of what’s been weighing us down,” singer/guitarist Katie Monks said of ‘I Feel Free’. “We’re not going to let the past hold us back from our dreams. Let’s do this thing.”

Check out the awesome super metal artwork for Heaven:

Dilly Dally

Heaven Track List

1. “I Feel Free”
2. “Doom”
3. “Believe”
4. “Sober Motel”
5. “Sorry Ur Mad”
6. “Marijuana”
7. “Pretty Cold”
8. “Bad Biology”
9. “Heaven”

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