New Music: Grymm – ‘Gravity’


‘Gravity’ is out now.

Brighton trio Grymm are onto something interesting here. Combining the moody atmospherics of post rock with the directness, aggression, and hooks of 90’s alternative rock, they’ve crafted a sound that is at once exploratory and also accessible.

‘Gravity’ is their latest single. A moody and reflective piece, it takes the ever reliable form of loudQUIETloud and refines it with post rock flourishes involving a decent sprinkling of delay and some rather tasty dissonance.

“This song is essentially about all the ways abusive people in your life made you feel worthless, and also how their acts have traumatised you and changed you as a person. ‘You pull and wrench and tear away at me, you’re worse than gravity’ – but also how much that emotion of feeling degraded, and worn away can make you not like what you’ve become when being treated that way,” says Morgan Jones (vocals/lead guitar).

Check out their debut single ‘Jurassic’ here:

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