New Music: half/cut Share New Track ‘Running Around’

Photo by Paige Clark

half/cut’s new single ‘Running Around’ is out now on Art As Catharsis.

I don’t know if Australian slowcore outfit half/cut know this, but in Irish slang ‘half cut’ means you’re drunk. As in: “Lads, I’m half cut. Shots?” Anyway, that doesn’t have anything to do with their new single ‘Running Around’. Released to celebrate the band signing to Art As Catharsis, the track is a Low-inspired piece of patiently developing slowcore that takes its time in enveloping the listener in an emotional and melodic blanket.

“I wrote the lyrics for this song when I was particularly frustrated with the Australian mental health system,” explains Jessie L. Warren (vocalist). “The lyrics talk about the complexities of being a human but how quite often in the eyes of doctors and psychiatrists you are nothing but a case study, a number on a form. How psychiatrists ask the same textbook questions, put you in the too hard pile, put you on meds, send you home without actually seeing you for who you truly are, never delving deep enough to see the light inside. Most people have experienced this or watched this happen to someone close to them – this is my response to that. It also talks about how men are often not ‘allowed’ to be sad,” she continues, “how there’s a societal pressure to be strong and capable, without weakness.”

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