New Music: Listen to ‘segment’ by runnner


Debut album awash is out now on Bandcamp. Download it for free.

And I quote, “90’s rock song about being a kid and realizing you’ll die one day”. Need I say more?

Probably not. But Google algorithms will murder this post if I don’t. Runnner is the project of two LA-based lads called Noah & Nate. They love 90s alt-rock as much as they hate capital letters. ‘Segment’ is a jam that is dripping with the ironic, lethargy of the era that is sorely missed in the modern time of over stimulation. Oh what we could do with a bit of irony in 2018. Having said that, the track has an earnest heart and a searching spirit. And isn’t that what the greatest 90s alt rock was all about? Earnestness dressed up as irony. Heart masquerading as apathy. Enjoy.

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