New Music: LUMER – ‘Gruel’


‘Gruel’ is out now.

Treating song structure and pace changes with reckless abandon, Hull post-punks LUMER come careering out of the gates with their apocalyptic new single ‘Gruel’. A confrontational and imposing listen, the track immediately sets out its stall as if to say, “Oi! You! Yeah, you! C’mere! I’m going to give you a damn good thrashing!” And does the singer sound a bit like Niall O’Flaherty from Sultans of Ping FC? Or is that just me?

The track is claustrophobic and chaotic, creating an atmosphere of impending destruction that only grows and grows exponentially over the song’s near four minute running time. Lead vocalist and bass player Alex Evans says of the track: “’Gruel’ is about jealousy, anger, and failed attempts at escaping false thoughts. We had a lot of inspirations for ‘Gruel’, but mainly it’s a combination of goth and post-punk bands like Bauhaus and Viet Cong (Preoccupations) as well as being inspired by our environment. Practicing in a dark, damp warehouse building in Hull has shaped the dark nature of the song.”

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