New Music: Slow Skies – ‘Dancing’

slow skies

‘Dancing’ is out now.

This track has hand claps. And it’s pretty lo-fi and minimal. I’m sold. Slow Skies is the solo project of one Karen Sheridan from Dublin. With new single ‘Dancing’ she creates a warm and intimate folk/pop that seems to be bouncy and cheery but definitely harbours an undercurrent of melancholia that is pretty exquisite.

‘Dancing’ was recorded with the legendary Ber Quinn (he’s quite a man) who has also worked with John Grant, Lisa Hannigan, Villagers, and The Divine Comedy.

Karen says of “Dancing”: “It’s all about nudging people to think about whatever it is that makes them feel good and just feel happy in that moment. I want this song to be three minutes where they get away from it all, where nothing else matters. I actually wrote most of the lyrics blindfolded so it was really all about how they made me feel inside, with all the other sensory distractions stripped away.”

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