New Music: Tancred Shares New Track ‘Reviews’


‘Reviews’ is taken from Tancred’s new album Nightstand. It’s out June 1, 2018, via Polyvinyl Records.

After the release of her breakthrough record Out of the Garden in 2016, indie/alternative singer/songwriter Tancred (Jess Abbott) is back with ‘Reviews’, the first track to be gleaned from her upcoming new album Nightstand. Formerly of Now, Now, Abbott is both relishing the chance to go solo and also apprehensive about the experience.

“After I became comfortable in this new skin, in truly being myself, I was immediately hit with loneliness,” she reveals. “I realized that human connection is really important to me.” To combat this, Abbott embarked on an inward journey combined with redoubled efforts with those around her. “I was reading a lot of books, learning a lot of new hobbies, meeting so many new people — just taking in as much information as possible to try and figure out what it really meant to me to be alive,” she recalls.

The result of all this enquiry is Nightstand, an album that is equally inward looking as outward focused. “I wanted the album to have a timeless feel to it, so you could hear my stories of love and loneliness and sense that these are themes that have existed for everyone forever,” she says.

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