New Music: Trope Share Volatile New Track ‘Lambs’


From the forthcoming debut album Eleutheromania

Look, I’m not gonna talk a load of nonsense here. Canadian alt-rock/metal outfit Trope aren’t terribly original. They’re essentially A Perfect Circle or Tool with female vocals. But, they do such a damn good job of it. Their music is slithering, adventurous, exploratory, intelligent, and powerful. There’s tension, hefty riffs, beautiful vocals, intense drumming and an overall sense of impending doom.

Their debut single ‘Lambs’ is a direct slab of alt rock/metal, even though it is in 15/8, that explores and decries bullying before delving into the detrimental effect of putting ones trust in people who only care for themselves. Seeing as it is 12 years since the last Tool record, the last one from A Perfect Circle was a dud, and that Maynard James Keenan seems to be a creep of the highest order, this’ll do just fine.

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