New Music: Tuath Share Music Video For ‘I’m Sorry Young Man’

New EP Youth is out now.

Irish experimental psych-rock outfit Tuath are back with a new music video and a new EP. One of Ireland’s most rewarding and challenging outfits have shared the video for their track ‘I’m Sorry Young Man’. A swirling and hypnotic tune, it is a fitting end note to their stellar new EP Youth.

According to the band, the track is about, “apologizing to the little child inside of you for all the fuck ups you have made in life that are contrary to all the plans you made together way back before you were disenfranchised. It is also about wanting to kill said child to shut them up from the back of your mind but being unable to… so you give in and just apologize instead.”

As a whole, there seems to be a tone of disillusionment throughout the EP. “Youth” is a reflection on growing older and wiser in the same world in which “You can be whatever you want to be” was uttered to you by your parents as a kid, only for you to realize far too late that this was a bullshit statement that doomed you for your entire life thus far,” says Robert Mulhern (vocals/guitar). “This EP is about picking up the pieces from that.”

Tracklist :

1: Youth
2: Cuz Why?!
3: Rose Tinted Glasses
4: ​Old Man Yells at Cloud
5: ​And Your Cock Gets Soft/Take Me to Your Dealer
6:​ I’m Sorry Young Man



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