New Music Video: Vagabon – ‘Fear & Force’

Infinite Worlds LP is out now via Father/Daughter Records.

The delicate and intimate songs of Laetitia Tamko, better known as Vagabon, are the best type of indie rock gems. Emotional without being cloying, sentimental without being twee, mournful without being morose, her songs sway and soar with a hopeful melancholia that is beyond endearing.

This is absolutely the case with ‘Fear & Force’, the latest track to get a video from her debut LP Infinite Worlds. Beginning with a delicately finger picked electric guitar and the lines “I’ve been hiding in the smallest space / I am dying to go / this is not my home”, the song quickly picks up a synth clap before exploding into a cathartic joyful fuzz and thumping drums for the final minute of the track. A masterclass in dynamics and nuance.

The video represents the tumultuous nature of the song as it depicts a trying time in the relationship of a couple that culminates in one of those fights that only those who have been in long term relationships can understand. Sad. Beautiful, but sad.

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