New Music: YJY – ‘Summer Lifeguard’


Sophomore EP, The Same Noise, out August 19th via Sniffling Indie Kids.

It’s always a good day when these New Jersey based fuzz pop aficionados release a new track. ‘Summer Lifeguard’ is there most recent, and will feature on their upcoming new EP The Same Noise. It is a relaxed and chiming endeavour that has this one delightfully off kilter note in the opening riff that gets me every time. Love it.

“We’re influenced by a lot of surf rock — The Beach Boys, Wavves, Real Estate,” says YJY’s Steve Sachs. “We wanted to write a song that pulled from those sounds, but then kind of takes a left turn. Usually, they’re all about being carefree, and seizing the day, but instead this guy really just gets left behind.

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