New Pope – ‘Boys Can Be So Cruel’ | Overblown Video Premiere

New Pope

Critically acclaimed songwriter New Pope releases new single/ video.

Today, we are absolutely delighted to bring the exquisite new video from critically acclaimed Irish lo-fi singer/songwriter New Pope. A delicate and beautiful tune, it hinges on the simple line, “I’m sorry for all my lies / I apologise.” A sentiment that is bound to resonate with anyone who has been callous with someone else’s heart.

The video is a fascinating specimen. It is edited from a home movie that New Pope (aka David Boland) found on It depicts a family holiday to Miami, Florida in 1965, recorded by Henry Charles Fleischer. It’s nostalgia and whimsy perfectly complements the tender and beautiful nature of the track. The video is the latest in a series of videos by Boland which mine vintage home videos he finds on the internet. He describes these as a process of “exploiting other people’s memories for my own personal, emotional and spiritual gain”.

New Pope is currently recording his third album set to be released in November.

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