The New Romantics – Drifting – Play It Again, Sam

The New Romantics - Drifting

Fermenting In A Long Forgotten VHS Tape

If the record label Dracula Horse were a real horse, it would be a broodmare – attracting all the studs and in complete control of the pen. A mare feels a particularly appropriate comparison for the label, as a derived term of the word, “mare’s nest”, can be used to express “excitement over something which does not exist”. This is the forte of Dracula Horse, the openers of doors to dreamy dimensions, who continue to champion an eclectic mix of styles.

The most recent offering from the label, The New Romantic’s “Drifting” is an expansive, meditative jaunt through a monochrome landscape like that of The Night of the Hunter. The production, while crisp, manages to retain something of a lo-fi signature feature for Dracula Horse – as though the track had been fermenting in a long forgotten VHS tape that came to life when rediscovered.

With dense layers including a galloping beat, subtle Vangelis inflected synths, seemingly organically occurring sonic manipulations that threaten to tear the tape apart and an unintelligible but pleasantly woozy lead vocal performance – this late-summer track will grow from a foal to a stallion in your dreams.