New Single “This Town” & EP Announcement by I/M/M/I/G/R/A/N/T/S

Immigrants release second single This Town

Immigrants by name, immigrants by nature, the London-based alternative rock group sport a broad range of geographical origins – Brazil, Czech Republic, Italy and Germany to be exact – and as they aptly put it on their Soundcloud, “Hello, we’re I/M/M/I/G/R/A/N/T/S. And so are you somewhere along the line.” ‘Nuff said.

Over the last few months the group have been drip-feeding us songs from their debut EP Lucidalabrador, a process they aim to complete by February 2015. Any EP that sounds like something Dame Maggie Smith would shout at Hogwarts is good news to us, and after debut single ‘Daddy’ managed to storm its way into my brain for keeps it’s looking like the band have a lot going for them already. Second teaser ‘This Town’ is another perfectly realized track, albeit much more relaxed than its predecessor. What sets the band aside from their contemporaries is their understanding of rhythm and texture; it’s certainly rock music, but arrangements eschew traditional loud/quiet dynamics in favour of more subtle techniques. Their diverse backgrounds are not just emphasized as a marketing gimmick – there’s a genuine sense that I/M/M/I/G/R/A/N/T/S’ diversity informs the content and not just the context of their work.

They’ve also all got fantastically sculpted facial hair. Seriously, check out that mustache. Amazing stuff.