The New Tusk Interview: “A Nice Little Ego Boost”

the new tusk interview

The New Tusk are as fun and cool as their name is perplexing. 3 spirited, musically gifted lads pushing lo-fi pop punk with emo inflections, Nick, Seb and Max are a band that feel like they’ve played pretty much every student-crammed, booze-laden house show in Britain. (Rumour has it they want to get round every UK household by Christmas). Four months in to 2016 they’re already having a stomping great year: releasing SLOOM (April 4th) and playing some super rad shows. We caught up with the buggers to see what they were saying – and – to keep them out of trouble, of course.

O: How did The New Tusk come into being?

TNT: We came into being when Seb had to start a band for a uni project, Max had a load of songs which didn’t fit his current band (which Nick drummed for). So we jammed them out, and they ended being on our first release ‘Tropical’. which was released by the wonderful close to home records after Nick harassed him into it.

O: How would you describe your ethos as a band – what’s your manifesto?

TNT: Winging it as much as possible and hopefully it works out.

O: If The New Tusk came with a warning label, what would it say?

TNT: Warning; we are not responsible for any melting of faces.

O: SLOOM has just dropped and is streaming via Upset Magazine, tell me about that and your latest work.

TNT: Eah. We were working on SLOOM for a good amount of time. The whole process took longer than we originally anticipated compared to our previous releases. Mainly because this was the first time we went into a proper studio and we were being more critical about our writing. we’re really pleased with how everything turned out; from the design work to the songs themselves. Our latest stuff is in the same vein as SLOOM I reckon, maybe slightly more intricate here and there but it’s got the same sort of vibe for sure.

O: Your recent activity seems to have gone down really well across the board, how does that reception feel?

TNT: We’re really stoked on how it’s been received, to be honest we were flattered when Beach Community got back to us saying they’d like to release it. We’ve had people from all over ordering it which kind of blows our collective mind. All the songs have been going down well live, especially with ‘Cold Steine’, which we’ve been playing for ages, so people who see us regularly are already super familiar with it, it’s always a nice little ego boost to have people singing songs back, that one especially.

O: What new bands should Overblown readers be listening to – apart from The New Tusk, of course – and why?

TNT: There’s a lot of good Brighton bands at the moment. Loads of bands doing good alternative music with their own style. Check out: Gender roles. Munez. Glen Foye. Broadbay. Birdskulls. Also check out pet grief from London (no music yet but they’ve got Twitter lol).

O: What have you got planned for the rest of 2016?

TNT: Going to focus on writing new music for our next release. Also gonna try and get a couple more tours in by the end of the year and hopefully make it over to Europe. Pretty much; just keep on rocking the free world, and hopefully the Tories get out of town.

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