The Nilz – ‘The Nilz Made Me Do It’ EP (Track by Track)

the nilz

Dublin punks’ debut E.P. is out now.

With a classic punk band name and a sound that melds hardcore punk, Oi!, and an ear for an off kilter melody, Dublin’s The Nilz made quite an impression on us here at Overblown with their debut E.P. The Nils Made Me Do It. Railing against exes, exploitation, celebrity, and those easily offended, the EP makes for a short and fiery blast that is furious, fast, and a little odd.

Eddie, vocalist with the quartet, took us through the tracks in depth to let us into the world of The Nilz.

The Nilz Made Me Do It

The Nilz are a fairly new Dublin Punk band that consists of former members of Mongohorn & Septic Pussy. Chris on guitar, Moe on drums, Marcin on bass and Eddie on vocals. Gigging for the past year we’ve just released our debut E.P. The Nilz Made Me Do It. This is a track by track guide of it.

1. ‘Always The Quiet Ones’

Eddie: This was written about a relationship I had some time ago with a girl who conversed with me in one word sentences, needless to say it didn’t last too long but I subsequently found out off a friend who lived a couple of doors away that after we’d broken up she would come and stand outside my house very early in the morning just staring in. This didn’t freak me out or anything, I quite liked it. I have since heard another horrible story about the same girl driving another ex to commit suicide but I’ve never believed that. This was close to one of the first songs we wrote together as a band. Go check out the video for it on Youtube you won’t be disappointed

2. ‘Do Strippers Get Papercuts’

Eddie: This song came about as a result of a scene I had seen in some TV show, of a patron in a stripclub seemingly running a crisp crisp dollar bill down the taint of stripper, which made me shudder a little at the thought of a papercut on that part of the body. Anyway when writing the lyrics it kind of became about the damage thats done to people exploited by others.

3. ‘R.I.P. Sellout’

Eddie: This one was written after seeing an exchange on Facebook between our good friend and super photographer Janer Ali and a couple of prominent punks about them posting r.i.p on their accounts about the death of Bowie I think. I found it so funny how worked up people seemed to be about the death of someone they didn’t know personally, maybe its because I’m mostly dead inside but the deaths of celebrities no matter how much I admired them doesn’t have any bearing on how I’m feeling.

This song takes a twist at the end with references to Jimmy Savile and that was mostly due to Moe asking me to write something different for the outro. I have no idea why Savile came to mind. The dying screams at the end is purely Moe’s influence. When demoing the song I asked him to layer the vocals with me and he came up with the silly voice and screams at the end which always tickle me.

4. ‘Come to Daddy’

Eddie: This was written with the help of our original guitarist Kid Nil. it was written as a parody of our bass player Marcin’s personality. I’ve portrayed him in the song as a booze and drug addled sexual deviant which could not be further from the truth. That’s kind of a better description of Chris.

5. ‘Imagined Wound’

Eddie: This is my personal favourite on the E.P. It’s all about how easily offended people are these days and how fragile everyone seems to be and how vitriolic the response to an imagined slight can be. We’re planning to do our next video for this song.

6. ‘She’s got Nits’

Eddie: Chris brought this one down with him to the first practice we had when he joined the band and we arranged it together. He was kind enough to let me write the lyrics for it after giving me the first two lines and the chorus. It wasn’t hard to write about this subject, I’ll be honest, having received crabs from an ex-girlfriend in retaliation for sleeping with her best friend. I was young and horny and got me comeuppance so don’t hold it against me. Yeah, it kinda speaks for itself really.

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