Nite Fields Interview: “Depersonalisation Is A Dissociative Disorder That Almost Killed Our Singer.”

Nite Fields Interview

Australian neo-goth quartet Nite Fields have been getting quite the praise for their debut LP Depersonalisation. They’re a bit Cure, a bit New Order, and a bit Joy Divison. Not a bad combination to be fair. Their shtick seems totally at odds with the stereotypical sunniness of their homeland, but I guess there must be places other than Manchester that are miserable. They took some time out recently to talk about how their singer nearly died, 80s Australian rock, and their singer’s indie label.

O: Your debut album is called Depersonalisation. This is “a state in which one’s thoughts and feelings seem unreal or not to belong to oneself.” How does this definition relate to the LP?

NF: Depersonalisation is a dissociative disorder that almost killed our singer. It can be what you described but in this case it was a freak out of body experience that made Danny lose control of his car while driving. This is where the album name comes from. We have repurposed this affliction into something positive through ART + SOUND. Nite Fields is about LOVE, blood, sex, sugar, magick, triumph over adversity and the innate power of the human spirit.

O: Your LP has drawn comparisons to early New Order and early Cure. Are these fair points of reference?

NF: Yes, New Order are undeniably the greatest.

O: There is a track called ‘Pay For Strangers’ on the new LP. That is a suggestive title. What is that song about?

NF: Our singer just told me it’s about valuing people you know over those who are close to you. This is news to me. I thought it was about the sex trade. Colour me disappointed.

O: The second single from the LP was called ‘Prescription’. This seems to link to the album title. Is mental health a theme that interests the band?

NF: The 80s Australian rock group Mental as Anything had many era defining hits that have shaped me forever.

O: Your frontman, Danny Venzin, runs a record label in Brisbane called Lost Race. Why did he start the label?

NF: The same reasons anyone starts an independent label: untold power, influence and the capitol necessary to make the logical next step up to owning and operating a mid sized Jet Ski rental company.

O: What is the goal of the label?

NF: See above. In all seriousness, I think Danny wanted to start a DIY label that carved a niche away from the lo fi aesthetic prevalent in our local underground at the time. (Note: not putting down any of this)

O: Who on the label is he excited about?

NF: Danny loves all of his gross children the same. But there’s a Secret Birds tape coming out that i think will be quite excellent.

O: Is there much of a music scene for the music you play in Brisbane and Australia?

NF: Australia has the best scene in the world. There’s an ELECTRICITY in the air.

O: You cite ‘Michael Hutchence on a rope’ as an influence on your Facebook page. Is this an attempt to be controversial?

NF: Bad joke gone too far. I love, love, love INXS and all things Mikey. R.I.P

O: How has the Euro tour been so far? Any unusual tales from Eastern Europe?

NF: Crossing the border between Russia and Ukraine was a cold and unforgiving nightmare that felt like the start of the first X-men movie. Machine guns, shouting, barking dogs, barbed wire, tanks buried in the ground etc. Nothing too much has stood out though. It’s all weird baby. We’ll get back to you after we’ve been to Romania.

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