No Wave: Leizure Share New Track ‘Sylvia’s Comedown’

The track ‘Sylvia’s Comedown’ is set to release September 18 on FIVE FOOT ONE Records with the rest of their debut album coming this fall.

‘Sylvia’s Comedown’ – the second single from Copenhagen nowave group Leizure’s upcoming debut Primal Hymns – begins like a one hundred metre sprint. The pitter patter of drumsticks battles with grinding guitars. The vocals are as desperate as they are commanding, drawing to mind equal measures Ian Curtis and fellow Dane Elias Bender Rønnenfelt. On top of all the cacophony arrives a squealing saxophone. It’s claustrophobic and animated yet Leizure never lose control. As the chorus draws near everything finds its place; the guitars and saxophones harmonize and the drums maintain the breakneck pace. The track draws from Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar to capture the novel’s mania.

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