Noise Rock: Earthquake Don’t Give A Fuck Share ‘Dual Valley’

Earthquake Don’t Give A Fuck self-titled debut album is out now via LA Hall of Records.

Earthquake Don’t Give a Fuck’s single ‘Dual Valley’ hits with a mid-tempo sway of rhythm and chugging grunge style guitars. This stone cold classic combination has been done time and time again. Don’t get me wrong, it works a treat. But, in the interest of trying something different, what do you do? Stick a bloody violin in there. THAT’S WHAT. Let it breathe, exacerbate the fragility, fury and underlying desperation in the emotion of the music, let it buzz around like a mad swarm of bees. And the inclusion of Shannon De Jong’s viola in EDGAF makes for a great differential in a genre heavy with palm mutes and power chords.

EQDGAF formed in Los Angeles in 2018 and released their debut album recently via LA Hall of Records. The five-piece noisy-grunge violin lovers enlisted the help of veteran producer Manny Nieto of Total Annihilation studios, whose work boasts HEALTH and The Mars Volta. The single ‘Dual Valley’ was recorded as part of a 9 song album, which was recorded live. This approach has helped give the lift, attack and oomph the whole album throws at your face. The vocals were recorded separately and have added a concise edge to the blade which EDGAF cut and play with on this decent debut album.

The song itself holds quite tightly to a traditional song structure, swaying between discordant Jesus Lizard elements and balls to the wall, hair blowing in the wind power chords. Irresistible head-nodding song, and come on, it’s got a violin in there. Fantastic stuff.

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